This screen will be shown while the simulation is running, with the estimated time remaining. You can cancel the simulation by pressing back, however all progress will be lost if you do.

Simulation screen

Background processing

Due to restrictions imposed by Android and iOS, we are unable to perform the simulation in the background. If you move away from the app while it is processing, it will pause until you come back.

Processing time

The duration of the simulation depends on the size and reverberation of your room.

A simulation is run for each possible position of the subwoofer in the room, so the bigger the room, the more simulations there are. Each simulation runs until the reverberation drops below a certain threshold, so the more reverberant the space, the longer each simulation takes.

The processing time can be reduced by selecting construction materials that are more absorbent at low frequencies, such as insulated stud walls/ceilings. However, if the selected materials do not match those of your listening space, the results will not be accurate.

When the simulation is complete, you will be shown the subwoofer zones.